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AMOU HAJI, aged 94


Born in Iran, nothing is known about his past – not even his real name.

Flag of Iran (courtesy eBay)

He lived in the desert region of Fars in southern Iran, in the village of Dejgah.

His name ‘Amou Haji’ is actually an affectionate term for an old man in Farsi. And this is what the local people called him. They were very affectionate about him.

He had not had a wash for over 6o years – and nobody knew why. He once said he had “emotional setbacks” as a youth, which stopped him washing. He absolutely hated soap. He said he believed cleanliness would make him ill.

He lived for many years in a hole in the ground, very similar to a grave. In the end the locals were so concerned for him that they built him a shack made of cinder blocks.

He lived off roadkill. Porcupine was his favourite. He drank 1.5 gallons of water a day, from a rusty tin can.

He cut his hair by hanging his head over a fire and burning it off.

If he needed a mirror he used the wing mirrors of parked cars.

He smoked like a chimney. He cadged cigarettes from locals and was often seen smoking several at a time. If no cigarettes were available he used a homemade pipe and smoked dried animal dung.

With multiple cigarettes (courtesy Independent)

Once some young men decided to take him to a nearby river and wash him. When he realised their plan, he jumped out of their speeding car (luckily with no injuries).

Amou always wore a war helmet in winter. This was not because he expected conflict, but it kept him warm.

A doctor once examined him and pronounced him extremely healthy.

In 2018, there was a documentary made about him entitled ‘The Strange Life of Amou Haji’. He said he hadn’t a care in the world. “Nothing to lose, nothing to fear.”

Then suddenly, after 60 years without a shower or bath, he agreed to wash. Nobody knew why he had this change of heart.

Then and Now 2021(courtesy You Tube)

And shortly afterwards he died. There are no descendants that are known of.

Despite his unusual lifestyle, he lived much longer than the average age of death in Iran, which is 74 years.

The title of world’s dirtiest man passes to Guru Kailash Singh in Varanesi, India. He gave up washing in 1974 when a mystic told him soap and water reduced his chances of having a son. Since then, he has had 7 daughters.

RIP – Roadkill Iranian Porcupines

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