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Researching and reporting on the lives of some really interesting people (RIP)

BERYL SKELLY. aged 101

A political secretary, she worked for two leaders of the Labour Party before moving to work for a press baron, and was honoured for her services.

TED OATES, aged 101

Growing up in Huddersfield he joined the TA and the Army and had a dramatic escape through Belgium and France andwas part of the evacuation of Dunkirk. His story became the basis of a film.

LEO BECKETT, aged 95

From being a political agent he became Parliamentary Private Secretary to his wife, who became a ground-breaking politician.

Roy Hackett, aged 93

Part of the Windrush generation coming to the UK from the Caribbean, he organised the Bristol Bus Boycott , which led to the first race relations legislation.

Michael Bourdeaux


Michael founded Keston College in Bromley which was dedicated to the spreading of reliable religious information in communist countries. He was awarded the Templeton Prize for his work.